Grab a Free Growth Mindset Escape Room for grades 4-8.

Similar to a breakout room, the branches of government digital escape room also focuses on critical thinking and problem solving skills. Escape Rooms use digital resources on Google Drive and Jigsaw Planet. Instead of using task cards like the breakout room, digital escape rooms have puzzle activities. To begin, the branches of government digital escape room has four activities with each use a reading passage and quiz along with one of four puzzles: cryptogram, maze, cipher, and jigsaw. All in all, your students will have so much fun with escape rooms that they won't even realize how much they are learning about the branches of government!

Interactive Review Game for Branches of Government

Next, keep up the competition with an interactive branches of government review game! This self-checking game is made on Google Slides to work perfectly with in-person and remote learning! Here's how it works! Students move through the game board by spinning the wheel to determine the number of places to move, click on the question and then choose their answer. The branches of government board game includes 28 branches of government and U.S. Constitution review questions. It's simple to assign to Google Classroom for competition at school or home!

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Branches of Government Color by Number

Bring artistic expression into social studies reading with the branches of government color by number activity! In this branches of government activity, students read a non-fiction passage and search for answers while also marking evidence from the text. Not only do students learn about branches of government while improving reading comprehension and finding textual evidence, they also get to color with this relaxing activity! The activity includes:
  • 1 Word design
  • 12 questions
  • 1 Reading Passage
  • 1 Anticipation Guide
  • Break out the colored pencils, crayons, and markers to learn and color!

    Interactive Branches of Government Google Slides

    You could read aloud or assign the textbook chapter on branches of government, or you could get your students excited about learning with an interactive Google Slides presentation on branches of government!
    This presentation can be given during whole class instruction, small groups, or as independent work. First, students read a short paragraph. Next, they answer a question, move onto the next paragraph on a new slide and complete the corresponding question. In all, there are 13 short passages and 13 questions. This branches of government activity includes:
  • Short Non-Fiction Reading Passages Corresponding Questions
  • Teacher Directions
  • Student Directions
  • Words to Know
  • Interactive Google Slides™ Presentation
  • Background Sound
  • Check out these Google Slides for both in-person and also distance learners!

    Branches of Government Digital Notebook

    Student engagement and motivation increase when we give students choice and a voice! Use the branches of government digital notebook as a choice board to give your students different ways to learn and review branches of government. Each digital notebook includes eight different activities for your students to learn and explore!
  • True or False
  • Drag and Drop Questions
  • Jigsaw Puzzle
  • Fill in the Blank
  • Vocabulary Words
  • Research
  • Short Response
  • Maze Phrase
  • Overall, the choice board activities are perfect for pre-unit research, stations, unit review, enrichment or extension, and formative assessment! The legislative, executive, and judicial branches of government are key components of understanding U.S. history and the U.S. Constitution! Sharing engaging and interactive activities with your students will help them understand each branch's contribution to government. Whether you use activities for an anticipatory set, instruction, or review after teaching the branches of government, you will love these ways to teach branches of government to your students!

    Grab a Free
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