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If you’ve been on my site at least once, you know how much I LOVE to gamify educational activities. Gamifying learning may sound like a huge undertaking, but there is a way to make your students’ faces come alive in the classroom. Bring learning to life with a free gamifying learning webinar for teachers.

1. What is Gamified Learning?

First, gamified learning turns the classroom into an adventure, where lessons and homework are part of a game. Of course, gamifying learning can be part of a competition within your classroom. Next, it’s also fun to add rewards. The key, however, is that your students are learning something new or reviewing while playing “the game”. The best part of gamifying your lessons is that your students won’t even realize how much they’re learning; they’ll be having so much fun!

2. Why Does Gamified Learning Work in Today’s Classroom?

Of course, gamified learning works wonders in today’s classrooms! Here are a few reasons to start gamifying your lessons.

Embrace the Love of Tech

Sometimes it’s tough to compete with the video games and apps today. If you can’t beat them, join them! For today’s students, gamified learning speaks their language, using elements they’re familiar with from video games and apps. Of course, this makes learning more intuitive and engaging for your students. Get rid of the dull worksheets and use technology to gamify learning. 

Boost Engagement and Motivation

Next, turning lessons into games gets students excited about learning. Gamifying learning turns the learning process into a challenge that students are eager to tackle, increasing their engagement and motivation. Escape rooms or puzzles keep students focused, and they’re often willing to put in more effort. 

Encourage Healthy Competition and Collaboration

Next, gamification also introduces a healthy level of competition while encouraging kids to collaborate. They learn to work together to achieve common goals in team-based games like escape rooms. Students also can compare their progress in a friendly, competitive manner, which can motivate them to achieve their personal best. The power of positive learning associations do not have to be all about extrinsic rewards. They can be points and instant gratification that show them they are winners in learning!

Provide Immediate Feedback

In traditional learning, feedback can be slow to come, but gamified learning offers immediate feedback. Gamifying education activities allows your students to understand what they’ve mastered and where they need to improve. I love doing this with escape rooms. Students can get instant feedback before they go onto the next step with their team!

Personalize Learning

Gamifying learning allows for personalized educational paths. Students can progress at their own pace, tackling challenges that match their individual skill levels. This customization ensures that all students, regardless of their starting point, can find success and growth in their learning journey. Reluctant learners get excited about gamification. They have a sense of urgency to work. . .and play! 

Make Failure a Part of the Learning Process

Overall, gamified learning makes failure a normal, even beneficial, part of learning. Students are more willing to take risks and experiment, knowing that failure is not final but a chance to learn and try again.

Enhance Memory and Retention

When students are actively engaged and enjoying themselves, they’re more likely to remember what they’ve learned. Think about it! Do you remember that lecture you heard in high school about the Federalist Papers or singing and learning through Hamilton? Overall, it works the same way with gamification. Students remember the fun stuff!

Get Students Moving and Improve Classroom Management

Believe it or not, behaviors decrease with gamified learning. Kids are not designed to sit and get all day long. Gamifying learning that helps students move around is motivating and encourages active learning. Even if the students seem a little bit “louder”, it doesn’t mean they aren’t learning or engaged. In fact, movement is the key to better classroom management!

3. What Will You Learn in the Free Gamifying Learning Webinar?

Gamifying learning is a literal game changer when it comes to engaging your students. In the gamifying learning webinar, you’ll learn how to take your teaching (and your students’ learning) to the next level.

First, you will unlock the secrets to hooking students’ interest with strategies designed to spark curiosity. Next, you’ll learn why you should take your lessons to the next level with exciting game elements. Finally, you will cloak the learning with a twist of fun! Students will be begging for more gamified learning. (They won’t even notice how much they’re learning!) 

3. Who Should Take the Gamifying Learning Training? 

First, if you are ready to add some fun back into your lessons to engage your students, this is for you! Gamification and student-centered learning is the perfect way to cloak learning with game elements and balance rigor. 

Next, this webinar is perfect for Grade 3-10 Social Studies, Science, and ELA teachers. These are your kiddos that absolutely need engaging lessons, and the ideas presented in the training focus on these content areas and grade levels.  

Finally, if you are a teacher that wants to leap out of your comfort zone (and help your students do the same), you’ll want to sign up for this free gamifying learning training. 

4. What Three Free Activities Come with the Free Gamifying Learning Webinar?

First, you will get a done for you Social Studies escape room that embeds all the gaming elements you learn in the webinar. Use this right away with your students to gamify learning and keep them engaged.

Next, you’ll get done for you science task cards that use game elements and multiple choice questions to use with your students. Rather than use those long science textbook passages with confusing questions, gamify with task cards!

Finally, you’ll get my absolutely favorite activity, a fully editable mystery vocab activity. I love this lesson because you can customize with your own content for vocabulary introductions and review. This even lets students self-check their answers. What a perfect way to review independently! 

Simply watching the gamifying learning webinar

5. What Comes Next After the Webinar?

Finally, the best thing I hear in class is “Can we do that again?” This is absolutely the echo of success! Gamification is also the secret to engagement in the classroom. Do you want to create more gamified lessons with templates ready for you to use in any content area? Do you want to create your own lessons to sell on Teachers Pay Teachers? Take it a step further, and sign up for the course to start cloaking your lessons in fun!


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