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email marketing vs. Social Media

Email marketing > social media. Here’s why.

If you hang out long enough in Facebook groups, you start to notice a pattern. Every few months, some panicky posts start to appear. 

“What’s going on with groups lately??”
Group Member
“Did you hear so-and-so had their group shut down?! Poof, it just vanished!”
“OMG I just lost access to my own group and can’t contact my 10,000 members!!!”
Email Member

Yikes, right??

That’s one of the biggest pitfalls of relying on social media as an entrepreneur. 


At any moment, for any reason (or for no reason at all), the powers that be can shut down your group, your business page, your personal profile. 

Maybe it can be restored eventually. Maybe not 🤷

If you’ve ever tried to contact Facebook support, you know how incredibly difficult it is to find a real human to help. 

That’s why it’s so important to heed the advice: grow your own email list!

You can’t rely on social media alone.

I can’t imagine the heartache that comes from losing contact with thousands of loyal group members. 

That’s why it’s absolutely vital to have your own email list. 

When you have your own email list, no one can suddenly decide to revoke access to your people. 

Subscribers choose to sign up. They opt-in and consent to receive messages from you. They show up, raise their hands, and say “Yes, please contact me!

If you run a successful social media community, like a Facebook group for example, and it suddenly disappeared, how would you get in touch with your people? 

With an email list, you have a direct line to them.

Never worry about the algorithm again.


Perhaps the most hated word in online marketing today. The whims of the algorithm can drastically change how many people view your posts. And often, the changes happen under the radar, as platforms “test” new methods, so you don’t even have a chance to adjust. 

With an email list, you can quit worrying about the algorithm. 

Emails have a higher open rate and click-through rate than the average social media post. Think about it this way: are you more likely to pause your scroll to click on a random Facebook ad, or are you more likely to open an email from a company you already know, like, and trust. You did invite them into your inbox after all. 

Common sense tells us you’d be more likely to open that email, and statistics back this up. Hubspot: Email Marketing vs Social Media 

With an email list, YOU are truly in control, not at the mercy of a big corporation’s newest idea. 

Email lists make more money than social media posts.

Any marketer will tell you the same thing: email is king when it comes to ROI (return on investment). In other words, you make more money with an email list. 

Here are a few mind-blowing stats for you, in case you need more convincing: 

Email Stats:

Social Media Stats:

*Sources: Ultimate List of Email Marketing Stats, Social Media Stats to Bookmark in 2019 

These days, it’s increasingly difficult for brands to get noticed on social media without spending ad money. Dollar for dollar, it’s far better to invest in an email marketing system and a consistent strategy with your list than it is to dump money into ads. 

Email lists are the best way to develop relationships with your audience. 

Yes, engagement on social media has its place. Having an active Facebook group can be an excellent way to grow your influence.

It still can’t beat the value of an active, engaged email list, full of people who are eager to hear from you. 

Take time to grow and nurture your list, and the return will be worth it! 

There’s a place for both email and social media marketing.

While I’m a big believer in the power of email marketing, social media should still play a role in your business.

Social media is important for building brand awareness, and Facebook groups can be an amazing way to build a community full of your ideal audience. 

A great business strategy will use both social media and email marketing. Social media gets you visibility; email earns you sales. Win-win 🙂

Read more about the benefits of email marketing here: Yes, You Need an Email List! 


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