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If you are looking to start a digital product business, there are so many things to consider. First, one of the biggest questions to answer is what platform to use. Of course, the two of the most popular platforms for digital products are Etsy and Teachers Pay Teachers (TPT). I offer two courses, Easy Escape Rooms and Cloaked in Fun. Which course is right for you? Here are a few questions to help you find your match and grow your digital product business!

Easy Escape Rooms

1. What is the Easy Escape Rooms Course About?

First, the Easy Escape Rooms course is your chance to make party games for families to play at home. Of course, your audience is limitless with homeschool families and just parents looking for games to play as a family, for sleepovers, or with friends.

Escape rooms are interactive games designed to have players solve a series of puzzles and riddles. To begin, the players use clues, hints, and strategies to win! Finally, the course lets you have everything you need to start your own Etsy escape room shop.

2. Where Should You Sell Easy Escape Rooms?

First, the perfect platform for Easy Escape Rooms is Etsy! Getting started on Etsy is easy with the course. Of course, you’ll get a Seller’s Toolkit and a Quick Start Guide. In addition, all the templates are ready-to-use on Etsy once you add your own unique content.

3. What Do You Need to Know About Selling Digital Products on Etsy?

Of course, the Easy Escape Rooms course shows you everything you need to know about selling on the Etsy platform. Overall, here are a few things you’ll learn in the course to help you get started on Etsy.

4. How Can You Make Passive Income on Etsy?

When I started making Easy Escape Rooms to sell on Etsy, my goal was passive income. I also wanted to make a product that sold and brought in income over and over again. Of course, I was a busy teacher, and these escape rooms are perfect for busy families.

Overall, the Easy Escape Rooms course is amazing because it teaches you to do just what I did, make games for birthday parties and family game nights and sell them to make your own passive income!

5. What Does the Easy Escape Rooms Course Include?

Here is everything you get within the 10 module course:

  • Escape Room Blueprint
  • Sellers Toolkit
  • Affiliate Program
  • Prop Signs
  • 20 Puzzle Templates (There are 38,760 puzzle combinations!)
  • Etsy Quick Start Guide
  • 6 Puzzle Template
  • Video Tutorials by Puzzle
  • Clipart and Borders
  • Complexity Levels
  • 9 Puzzle Template
  • AI for Storylines
  • PowerPoint Templates
  • Answer Sheets
  • 12 Puzzle Template
  • Doodle Cipher Fonts
  • Canva Templates
  • Hint Cards for Kids
  • Product Listing Tips
  • Keyword Research
  • Optimized Product Descriptions
  • Host Set Up
  • Commercial Use License
  • Pricing Guide

6. Who Should Sign Up for the Easy Escape Rooms Course?

The escape rooms course is for anyone who wants to make passive income with easy plug-in templates ready-to-sell on Etsy! Do you fit in one of these groups? Then the course is for you!

  • Bloggers who want to use digital printables for their website freebies
  • Stay at home parents looking to make additional income
  • Teachers trying to supplement their income with a side hustle
  • Party planners looking for unique escape room ideas
  • Budding entrepreneurs looking for fun, new ideas
  • Introverts who want to have a side business without showing their face
  • Future business owners making a decision leading to potential financial freedom.
  • People who want to break free from the 9-5.

Cloaked in Fun

1. What is the Cloaked in Fun Course About?

The Cloaked in Fun Course is designed for teachers who want to make educational games for their classroom and/or to sell online. I remember being a classroom teacher just tired of working so hard with little to no reward. My journey on Teachers Pay Teachers made it possible for me to make passive income and skyrocket my business and finances.

2. Where Should You Sell the Digital Products from Cloaked in Fun?

Of course, TPT is the top place to sell educational digital products like the ones in Cloaked in Fun. The 25 editable templates are made with teachers, TPT sellers, or homeschool parents in mind. 

3. What Do You Need to Know About Selling Digital Products on TPT?

This course is designed for new or veteran TPT sellers to add customizable 100% educational designs to their Teachers Pay Teachers store or website. The best thing to know on TPT is to create something that stands out from the rest. When you use the templates in Cloaked in Fun, you can create thousands of different breakouts, escape rooms, scavenger hunts, stations, task cards, digital games, mystery codes, and more!

4. How Can You Make Passive Income on TPT?

I did it! Of course, I am not a graphic designer by trade. I was a teacher looking to make more income after my husband lost his job. After taking time to create the digital resources, I was eventually able to let TPT do the work. Teachers find my breakouts, escape rooms, scavenger hunts, stations, task cards, digital games, mystery codes, and more. As a result, I make passive income. You can do it too with the Cloaked in Fun that gives you the same educational digital templates I used to make my 7-figure passive income business. 

5. What Does the Cloaked in Fun Course Include?

The eight module course gives you all the tools to create your own digital educational products.

1. Module 1: Vocab Activities

  • Mystery Match Template
  • Vocabulary Hunt Template
  • Word Wall Template
  • Vocabulary Gallery Walk Template

2. Module 2: Escape Rooms

  • Escape Room Template
  • Task Card Escape Template
  • Task Card Secret Code Template

3. Module 3: Stations & Primary Sources

  • Gallery Walk Stations Template
  • Cause & Effect Stations Template
  • Point of View Gallery Walk Template

4. Module 4: Scavenger Hunts

  • Passage Scavenger Hunt  Template
  • Scavenger Hunt Review Game Template
  • Scavenger Hunt Mystery Trail Template

5. Module 5: Color by Number & Comprehension

  • Color by Number Template
  • Comprehension Collection Template
  • Question Maze Template
  • Text Marking Template

6. Module 6: Digital Activities

  • Game Show Template
  • Magic Word Search Template
  • Mystery Maze Template
  • Secret Code Template
  • Interactive Google Slides

7. Module 7: Add-Ons or Extensions

  • Pick 6 Template
  • Pick a Prompt Template
  • Newspaper Template
  • Anticipation Guide

8. Module 8: Bonus Materials

  • Seasonal Puzzle Pack Template
  • Escape Room Clipart
  • Color by Number Clipart
  • PNG Foldables Clipart
  • Page Borders Clipart
  • Doodle Fonts

6. Who Should Sign Up for the Cloaked in Fun Course?

Of course, the Cloaked in Fun course is for TEACHERS! Here are some teachers that can really benefit from the course.

  • Social studies teachers
  • Science teachers
  • ELA teachers
  • Tutors
  • Homeschool teachers/parents
  • District coaches
  • TPT sellers
  • Grades 3-10 teachers (based on including reading passages)

What is the Difference Between the Easy Escape Rooms and Cloaked in Fun Courses?

So, what’s the difference between the two courses?

Just for Fun v. Educational

First, the Easy Escape Room course is not educational. These templates and escape room games are meant for fun games to play at home or even as holiday or seasonal activities for class parties. On the other hand, the Cloaked in Fun course features 100% educational resources. These are 25+ fully educational templates including breakouts, escape rooms, scavenger hunts, stations, task cards, digital games, mystery codes, and more. 

Can both courses be used in the classroom? Sure, but Easy Escape Rooms in the classroom would be more about holiday escape rooms or themed escape rooms, not educational content. I show you how to make the puzzles hold a bit of educational value, but they are not in-depth enough to be a real “assessment”. There’s no true reading comprehension or strategies. The easy escape rooms are more or less a fun activity solving puzzles, critical thinking  and moving around. For formative or summative assessment using reading and comprehension strategies, use Cloaked in Fun!

Etsy v. TPT

Next, the Easy Escape Room course  focuses on selling games on Etsy. Do I sell escape rooms on TPT? Yes, but the games are used mostly for holiday or seasonal content in the classroom. Of course, Cloaked in Fun features content meant for Teachers Pay Teachers. 

Even though both courses offer escape rooms, there is zero overlap! If you are looking to make passive income, both courses are valuable.


Overall, both the Easy Escape Room course and Cloaked in Fun offer a way to make passive income on Etsy or TPT with party or educational games. The templates are amazing, and I can’t wait to see what you create on your passive income journey!


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